Đăng bởi: trà hâm lại | 25.08.2014


Greetings and how are you doing?i know you will be surprised to see my email.however,It’s my pleasure to contact you through this medium though we barely know each other but i want to seize this opportunity to introduce myself to you.I am Sir David Reddaway from United Kingdom.I was UK former Ambassador to Canada as United Nations Envoy/Ambassador.I’m retired and want to go into private investments in ASIA and from my findings, your country economy has being growing rapidly in tourism and i want to invest in real housing estate or any other profitable investment.i will tell you more and all you need to know as we proceed,my main reason of contacting you is to assist me establish and manage my investment project in your country since i will not always be there for the day to day running of the business because I’m still active with certain governmental appointments.So i want to know if i can trust you and if you are capable of handling such project so i can send you the proposal proper and also let you know th e full details of the investment.

I will be pleased to get a feedback from you.

Sir David.

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